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Fri, Jul 29 2016 @ 05:50 in Switzerland

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Van's RV8

A short introduction to the RV8 from Van's aircraft.

Danny King's "Beautiful Doll"

Information about Van's Aircraft RV8 can be found here. I chose this plane because I want a tandem, not a side by side seating. Tandem allows the best visibility on either side of the aircraft. When I want to fly side by side, I can use one of our aeroclub's Pipers (

I have decided to equip my plane with the following:

  1. A Mattituck TMXIO-360 engine - Installed!
  2. EFIS - unknown yet
  3. Radio - unknown yet
  4. Trio Avionics EZ ProPilot autopilot
  5. Tryg Mode-S Transponder (waiting for last minute updates)
  6. ELT - unknown yet
  7. Battery - probably a LiFePo4
  8. Proprietary Systems Angle of Attack (AOA) Sport
  9. and some other cool stuff!
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Fuel Flow sensors

Firewall ForwardThe standard methods of installing fuel flow sensors is to use an inline fuel flow transducer that is moved by the fuel flowing to the engine.

The two most popular options (as of 2013) are the Flowscan and the EI FT-60 "Red Cube".

My concern with this technology is that it causes pressure drops since it clearly provides some restriction and resistance to the fuel flow. To minimize the chance of vapor lock, these transducers need to be installed on the "high pressure" side of fuel system, between the last fuel pump and the carburetor or the fuel injection spider. The challenge is that this a rather high heat, high vibration environment with rather short hoses and not a lot of space. Of course it has been done in thousands of aircraft in that past, so it can be done reliably.

While I expect that I will need to do the same, I am holding off on installing a fuel flow transducer as I think new technology will be available in the coming years that uses ultrasonic sensing of the fuel flow, like this difficult to obtain model from Gill Sensors in the UK.

Time will tell - hopefully a small model which will work for our application and can be simply wrapped around one of the fuel lines in the cockpit will be available soon!
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AFP FM-200 Throttle body

Firewall ForwardThe brackets that come with the Van's FWF kit do not work with the Superior cold air induction sump, so some brackets will need to be made.

I've make some prototypes out of aluminum that seem to work pretty well, I now need to make them out of steel.

I will probably change the lever for the throttle to not have such a large dogleg - it could be straight and work fine, and the cable will be more horizontal, which seems to be good.

I checked for clearance with the cowl, and it does not seem to be a problem.

I'm generally happy with the routing of the control cables, but they will need some heat shields due to the proximity with the exhaust pipes.

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MT Propellor Governor

Firewall ForwardThere is not much to say about installing the propellor governor - it goes pretty much as described in the sheet that comes with the governor controller bracket - VA-153. I didn't get this sheet with my kit, but Van's sent me a PDF via email. The reason I posted all these pictures is because I couldn't figure out what angle the va-153 should be mounted - essentially horizontal or somewhat pointing down at a 45 degree angle. After trying both, I chose to have the bracket horizontal - this works fine with the cable. This was the bit of information that I had trouble finding, but it was easy enough to figure out once the governor was mounted.

I'm not extremely proud of my safety wiring skills, but I think that the screws will stay on. I need more practice, that's for sure.

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Oil filler tube close to engine mount - fixed!

Firewall ForwardFor some reason the oil filler tube / dipstick is very close to the engine mount. I just removed it to see if I could bend it, and found out that it's plastic. I doubt that it will get damaged due to its proximity to the engine mount, but will check with some experts.

Update: 2012-09-08 VAF comes through again - good suggestion to reverse the small and the longer portions of the filler tube, which worked fine to avoid the possible interference with the engine mount tube.

As you can see here, we have about 4-5mm of clearance now.

Simplified safety wire due to small extension being closer to the engine block.

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Vetterman exhaust and Airflow Performance FM-200

EnginesI installed the FM200 throttle today along with the Vetterman exhaust. Both went on very easily, and are really good quality. They are on "provisionally" as I expect they may need to come off again a time or two as I move things around.

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holes to identify in the engine

EnginesI have 14 holes that I needed to identify in the engine. A couple hours after posting on VAF I had all the info!

1. Temperature sensor
2. goes to the top of the oil cooler
3. crankcase breather
4. tachometer drive port
5. oil pressure
6. same as 5
7. oil galley plug
8. goes to bottom of oil cooler
9. Plug in crankcase. (Possible place to run oil return from air / oil separator if you wish to put it back in the sump.)
10. Looks like OLD location for Veritherm. (assume it is a plug)
11. unused
12. unused
13. unused - plug on oil galley
14. unused - possible alternate governor oil line location

Thanks guys at VAF for the hints!

Oops - #6 here should have been #5

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Pressure sender manifold

Firewall ForwardGot the pressure sensor manifold mounted. Quite easy, just two holes and an angle bracket to fabricate. It allowed me to start digging through all the FWF bags I have - really quote a lot of stuff.

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Object VR view of a Mattituck IO-360 aircraft engine

Firewall ForwardI took some pictures of my new IO-360 Engine and put them together into an "Object Virtual Reality" or Object VR view.

The Mattituck engine is of course an enhanced Lycoming engine.
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Flareless tubes

Firewall ForwardI picked up this brochure from Nelson Aerospace somewhere - can't recall where, but was interested to note that they seem to offer some kind of a "flareless" tube fitting. Looks interesting.