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26 Jan 2018 SDS valve covers

Got some very cool valve covers, sometimes called rocker box covers, from SDS (Racetech) in Canada.   They are machined aluminum and anodized.  Lighter than the steel covers that I'm replacing them with.         The original covers, steel, painted,...

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19 Nov 2017 Testing air-tec alternator

Just tested this Air-Tec alternator- worked like the others I have tested. When the IG wire has 12v the alternator starts, and when I drop the 12v the alternator stops.  It's an internally regulated alternator.  There...

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09 Aug 2017 Trio EZ Pilot Autopilot for sale

Selling my Trio autopilot along with one Navaid servo, and one Trio Gold Standard servo.  Brand new, never installed.   Normally $1795 with one servo, will sell with both servos for $1250. N.B.: The EZ Pilot does not...

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