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This little site will document the progress on the building of our Van’s RV8 experimental aircraft. We will load lots of images, tips, tricks and techniques that we learn ourselves and from others on the net.


Danny King's RV8 Beautiful Doll

Danny King’s RV8 Beautiful Doll

06 Aug paint tips

I will give you my favorite finish/paint system that I know gives excellent results. This certainly isn't the only good way but is one used on many beautiful RV's. Fiberglass Parts: 1) Contour and repair with "micro"...

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01 Aug Oxygen Sensor FAQ

Shamelessly stolen from this URL: http://www.wps.com/LPG/o2sensor.html Oxygen Sensor Information Written by Rick Kirchoff (rick@posms.cactus.org). Edited to html by Kyle Hamar >From Terrill_Yuhas@smtpsc1.sc.pima.gov Fri Nov 4 12:42:39 1994 In response to several requests for more information about Oxygen (O2) sensors, perhaps...

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27 Jul Proseal Day

Today I felt like I finally had enough stuff queued up to open up a little package of Proseal (a.k.a. Flamemaster Corporation Sealing Compound CS 3204 - Integral Fuel Tank Sealant, 8802 Mil-S-8802F Type II)...

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25 Jul Static ports

The Van's static air kit is pretty simple, but rather elegant. The external ports are pop rivets that you just push out the mandrel, and glue into the fuselage with RTV. Van's says to drill...

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22 Jul Fuel Vent lines

Got the fuel vent lines installed. This was my first experience bending aluminum tubing, and it was pretty easy. I used one of those spring type sleeves that slide over the outside of the tube...

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05 Jul Fuel return line

Today I installed the fuel return line on one tank, the right tank, which will have the flop tube. Most of the time was spent trying to find the right place to put the line....

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03 Jul Fuel sender install

The fuel level sender gets installed differently on the tank that has the flop tube, so that it does not interfere with the flop tube. With the QB tanks, this installation is not too easy,...

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26 Jun Flop tube

I'm working on putting in the flop tube into the right wing. Now I found a little problem. Why is the ID of the aeroquip hose less than 1/4" when it should be 3/8"? Flop...

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22 Jun Removing Canopy Scratches

Q: Greetings all, Installed the painted canopy and removed all the protective coatings today. Despite taking precautions I've got some pretty noticable scratches. Some are light , like chaff marks and others are scratches you can...

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21 Jun Finish Kit Arrival

My finish kit arrived from Van's, along with Paolo's tail kit, Emmett's battery and tires, and my two Odyssey PC680 batteries. All unpacked, inventoried, and shelved, for now. There are many very nice parts in there....

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17 Jun Roll Bar

Bolting on the roll bar, I find that one side has a bit of a gap, about 1/8 inch, as you can see from the photos below. I wonder if I can just continue to drill...

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