10 Dec Polishing the airplane

RV-List message posted by: "Amit Dagan" Listers, A few days ago I started a thread about polishing the aluminum skins of RVs. I specifically requested reasons for and against it. Most responds were unanimous about how beautiful a...

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06 Aug paint tips

I will give you my favorite finish/paint system that I know gives excellent results. This certainly isn't the only good way but is one used on many beautiful RV's. Fiberglass Parts: 1) Contour and repair with "micro"...

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10 Nov How to use alumiprep

From: Date: Jan 31, 1998 Subject: Re: How to use alumiprep?? I prefer Metalprep over Alumiprep for the reason that you can use it on steel also. I believe they cost the same. To...

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