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This little site will document the progress on the building of our Van’s RV8 experimental aircraft. We will load lots of images, tips, tricks and techniques that we learn ourselves and from others on the net.


Danny King's RV8 Beautiful Doll

Danny King’s RV8 Beautiful Doll

20 Sep Hooker Harness

Got a small problem with the hooker harness I bought. I've got the 5-point attachment with a Schroth rotary buckle. Very nice stuff. I bought them from Mark Frederick of Team Rocket for a good...

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03 Sep Lower Rudder Tip 3

This article is continued from here: http://www.rv8.ch/article.php?story=20050902211803283 Here are more pictures of the lower rudder tip. This article continues here: http://www.rv8.ch/article.php/200707281738417...

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01 Sep Elevator ding

Ouch. I'm not happy. My left elevator just fell off a workbench and landed on a can of kerosene, dinging the leading edge. I'm going to see if I can find a metal expert here in...

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31 Aug Fire detection circuit

Got this info from here: http://www.acroname.com/robotics/parts/R67-UVTRON.html [caption id="attachment_16676" align="alignnone" width="320"] OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[/caption] This detector is amazing. Using the included sample circuit, you can detect a match lighting from 5 meters in a sunny room! Since the UV...

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18 Aug Elevator balance

I asked Van's about balancing the elevators, and they recommended just putting the counterweights on, and not worrying about balancing it. A bit to heavy is apparently not a problem. Ideally, the elevators would be perfectly balanced. If the...

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14 Aug Fuel pumps and filter

I've been trying to figure out the best place to install the fuel pumps and filters for several months. I had the following goals: Maximize head pressure on the pump inlet Minimize heat on the unpressurized sections...

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10 Aug Muffler Mount 3

Here are the tabs I had welded to the muffler. Also, the bracket that will attach these mufflers to the lord mounts in the fuselage. Here are my detailed engineering drawings. Here is the bracket mounted to...

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08 Aug Canopy stop

I had been using a plunger type canopy stop, but I recently saw something cool on a few RV8s - a kind of cam shaped canopy stop. The advantage of the cam shaped canopy stop is...

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