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Welcome to rv8.ch!

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This little site will document the progress on the building of our Van’s RV8 experimental aircraft. We will load lots of images, tips, tricks and techniques that we learn ourselves and from others on the net.


Danny King's RV8 Beautiful Doll

Danny King’s RV8 Beautiful Doll

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18 Apr 2006 Alternator Belt Tension

From Vern Little on the Van's Air Force website: Belt deflection is an unreliable method of tightening the belt. Instead, use a torque wrench on the pulley nut and adjust the tension so that you get about...

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12 Mar 2006 First engine start

I started my engine this afternoon. It took about two seconds of pressing the start button, and it fired right up. Nice little rumble. Very smooth. I used my wife's camera to take some video, but...

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01 Mar 2006 Boost control wastegate

The supercharger needs some method of boost control. Originally, this was going to be electronic, but for a variety of reasons we're going with a manual boost control, or wastegate. The boost control will be next...

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