Welcome to rv8.ch!

This little site will document the progress on the building of our Van’s RV8 experimental aircraft. We will load lots of images, tips, tricks and techniques that we learn ourselves and from others on the net.


Danny King's RV8 Beautiful Doll

Danny King’s RV8 Beautiful Doll

04 Jan Flap fairings

These are just some pictures of my flap fairings. There have been some questions about them, and I realized I didn't have any photos of them at all. I didn't have too much trouble putting them...

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29 Dec Air Compressor

I've had a few people ask me about my air compressor, so here are a couple of pictures and some comments. I bought the compressor from a guy in Germany via E-bay. The manufacturer of the...

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24 Dec Bolt engineering

A great article by Steven Miller, chopped out of the airsoob Yahoo list. Excellent reading! I have to chime in after reading Marvin's post. He seems to have put a lot of thought into his theory...

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22 Nov Crooks and scammers

Anytime you get an E-mail that says to click a link, and re-confirm data, or any other junk like that, just delete it. You can get these from banks, credit card companies, the government, lotteries, etc. None are legitimate, and...

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08 Nov PSRU breather

I installed the PSRU breather. The original design was simple, but in some installations there was a bit of oil dripping out. The breather should solve that problem. Here are a couple of pictures of the...

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