Service Bulletin SB 14-01-31

07 Oct 2017 Service Bulletin SB 14-01-31

These are some pictures from my implementation of the Van’s Aircraft SB 14-01-31 on the horizontal stabilizer.  More details about the SB can be found at Van’s website.   There is also a nice youtube video documenting the repair on an RV-7

Apologies but these pictures are not in strict order – I just dumped them here to have a place to keep them.

If you have to do this, just follow the instructions in the SB kit, have a look at the youtube video, and just get ‘er done!


A bit of primer on the new parts.  Not strictly needed, but it makes me feel a bit better.



Finally got it done!  It was a lot of work, but nothing really difficult.  The hstab is much stronger, that’s for sure, but from what I could see it was strong enough before.  I’m happy to have ticked this box.


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