Oil breather tube installed 

26 May 2017 Oil breather tube installed 

Very simple task but made a bit more complex with the 90 degree oil filter mount that came with my engine.

Turned out better than perfect, if I don’t say so myself.

Nice straight run of the rubber hose. I changed it out from the heater hose that came with the fwf kit as I read reports that it was not really oil proof. The stuff I used is oil proof.

BTW, if you don’t use hemostats to hold your adel clamps (aka cushion clamps) then you are missing a trick.  I’ve seen the videos where they recommend using safety wire, which is also a good idea, but the hemostats are amazingly easy.  Try them – you can get them super-cheap on amazon and ebay and at just about any flea market or flyin “fly market” or harbor freight or….

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