More work on the cowl

14 Apr 2017 More work on the cowl

Now that the snorkel is almost done, let’s see if we can finish up the lower cowl cutouts.

(These photos are in reverse order.)

Cowl bump is glued on and I’ve added a couple of layers around the edges that I’ll need to sand away to make it smooth.

Glued the bump on.  I made the bump a few weeks ago.

View from the bottom up.



Notice the cutout for the snorkel and for the throttle lever.

I also gave a bit more space to the alternator, in case when the engine shakes it wants to move more than about 1/2″.



I hope the performance increase in having the FM200 is worth all the hours I’ve spent doing this.  Of course, someone who really knew what they were doing could have done this in 1/10th the time.  I could do it a 2nd time in probably half the time.  Better solution would have been to buy the FM150.  🙂


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