holes to identify in the engine

05 Sep 2012 holes to identify in the engine

I have 14 holes that I needed to identify in the engine. A couple hours after posting on VAF (http://www.vansairforce.com/community/showthread.php?t=90628) I had all the info!

1. Temperature sensor
2. goes to the top of the oil cooler
3. crankcase breather
4. tachometer drive port
5. oil pressure
6. same as 5
7. oil galley plug
8. goes to bottom of oil cooler
9. Plug in crankcase. (Possible place to run oil return from air / oil separator if you wish to put it back in the sump.)
10. Looks like OLD location for Veritherm. (assume it is a plug)
11. unused
12. unused
13. unused – plug on oil galley
14. unused – possible alternate governor oil line location

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