Gluing on the windscreen with Sikaflex

16 Sep 2017 Gluing on the windscreen with Sikaflex

Taped, cleaned, and primed, ready for the windscreen.



Windscreen taped and primed.







Installed with the Sikaflex UV 295 glue that I also used many years ago on the canopy.



I really recommend more light – I thought it was bright enough, but black on black is not easy to see where your glue sits.


It’s not easy to see here, but I removed the electric tape on the roll bar since I wasn’t able to really tell if I had glue on it or not – I didn’t, and it came off very cleanly.

This is a major milestone – very happy with the results so far. I’ll go back and smooth out the visible parts of the glue on the roll bar. The front will get a fiberglass fairing, so no need for it to be aesthetic.

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