Alternator B lead install with Littelfuse midi inline 80amp fuse

14 Apr 2017 Alternator B lead install with Littelfuse midi inline 80amp fuse

Installed the b-lead to the alternator.


I decided to use the Littelfuse midi fuse inline older, with an 80amp fuse.  The are much smaller, lighter, and don’t require me to drill another hole in the firewall.  Here’s a comparison between the more conventional ANL fuse holder and the midi.





Much smaller, as you can see.It required me to buy some 5mm AWG#6 ring terminals, which was no problem. for the win!

Comes with a cute cover, but it is not sealed from the elements.  I doubt this will be a big issue.


Here’s the alternator end, with the Perihelion Design Whackjack installed.  Eric does not make these any more, but I believe that they are just some zeners packaged nicely.

Added some split loom tubing over the whole thing to give a bit of protection to the cable, not that it needs it.  Not sure if I will leave this on or not.  It’s super light, and makes it look a bit cleaner.  It will need some high temp zip ties on each end.


View with the outer split loom tubing removed to show the inline midi fuse holder.

Getting two adel clamps bolted together is not easy, even with hemostats.  Without knowing the hemostat trick, I doubt I would have ever been able to bolt these together.  There is some slack in the wire to the right of the adel clamp to allow for engine movement.


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